Horizon Forbidden West Dreadwing | How to Beat

In every chapter of its main questline, Horizon Forbidden West has challenging boss fights you need to face. While some of them are against human bosses, like Grudda or Regala, most of the time you fight against deadly machines. During Chapter 11 you meet the Dreadwing, a bat-like machine. This fight is fun but it will also test your abilities. Aim for its weak spots right after dodging its air attacks and you will prevail!

How to Beat Dreadwing in Horizon Forbidden West

How to beat the Dreadwing boss in Horizon Forbidden West

To beat Dreadwing, you should take advantage of the fact it is weak to fire. Because it is flying around the arena, it is hard to aim for its weak spots. On the other hand, use the explosives you can find in your favor as well. If you do this, you shouldn’t have any problem taking down the boss.

This is the boss you end up fighting during the quest “Seeds of the Past,” right after you have solved the control room energy problem. The Dreadwing is a tough opponent. It is naturally more difficult to defeat because of how much mobility it has. Shooting in the sky is hard, and if you stay in the same place too long trying to hit it, you might end up caught by one of its attacks.

As mentioned, the Dreadwing is weak against fire! So give priority to this type of ammo, avoid using acid, frost, and shock. There is only one scenario in which you should use the latter. The Dreadwing has a weak spot in each shoulder. If you shoot it with Shock damage, you have the chance to trigger a chain reaction. On the other hand, this is not an easy feat. These weak spots are pretty small so you should focus your attention on its other weaknesses.

It is also a good strategy to aim for its head, belly, and back after an attack. These are bigger areas that are easier to hit even when Dreadwing is flying. From time to time, it lands in some places of the arena. In case you see a bellowback sac near it, shoot it. It will explode and cause fire damage to the boss.

Besides that, it is important to avoid Dreadwings attacks, like body assaults and explosives. It might also use an ability that turns it invisible, but it is not a big deal. Take advantage of the poles you can climb in the arena to escape its attacks and you should have no problem surviving.