Horizon Forbidden West Erik | How to Beat

Since the first game, machines have been the most common enemy you face in the Horizon series. They are an essential part of it. However, in Horizon Forbidden West, there are some memorable fights against humans making you change up your strategies. In the last quest of the main story, you face Erik, a foe you’ve known for a time already. It is your chance to get back at him and here are some tips to help you defeat the boss!

How to Beat Erik in Horizon Forbidden West

 How to beat Erik in Horizon Forbidden West

The best way to beat Erik is to make an effort to keep your distance. While he has some ranged attacks, most of the time uses melee sequences during the fight that deal a lot of damage. Aside from this, he is weak against Fire and Frost, so have some of those weapons handy.

This is your second fight against Erik, but this time you can actually hurt him. He works as a type of sub-boss before your final foe in the Singularity quest. However, this is a very basic fight in which you must focus on taking advantage of small windows between his attacks and hit him with arrows.

Since Erik is weak against Fire and Frost damage, try to build one of these types of damage and then attack with your regular bow or Sharpshot bow.

Erik’s melee sequences are easy to avoid, but be aware that eventually, they change. After some time, his upgraded attacks will create small spikes on the ground. When he is in the air, he will shoot some pretty fast projectiles. Dodging these is not easy.

Another ability that you should keep track of is when he gets close to you and some energy waves start to appear around him. Just get as far as you can to avoid the attack.

As with most enemies, the easiest way to beat Erik is to focus on his weaknesses. After taking some damage, Erik will stop flying, making him easier to hit. He has a helmet that you can destroy, but it doesn’t need to be your priority. Your best shot is to use Fire or Frost damage against him.

Since these elements will deal damage over time, once the bar gets to its max, you will consistently weaken the boss. In case you did destroy his helmet, you can headshot Erik after he ends the sequence of long-range attacks. He stays locked by the animation, so this is a good window for you to take advantage of.

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