Horizon Forbidden West Hunting Ground Locations

Even though Horizon Forbidden West impresses with its visuals, the game’s combat system is amazing. Fighting against machines or humans is always a challenge. To fight them, you can’t simply focus on hitting the target. You also need to manage your ammo and create a strategy fit for each situation. In the game, you can see if you are as good as you think by going to Hunting Ground locations. In these, you will find several challenges to prove your skills as a fighter in the West.

Where to Find All Hunting Ground Locations

Where to Find All Hunting Ground Locations

Hunting Grounds are arenas where Aloy can test her skills. There are a total of four of these, and each will offer different as well as more difficult challenges. The four Hunting Ground locations are at The Daunt, Plainsong, Sheerside Mountains, and Raintrace. Every challenge has three tiers of rewards you can earn depending on how fast you complete the objective.

In these trials, your weapon skills will be tested along with your knowledge of the game too. You’ll also want to consider your current stats, as each of the Hunting Grounds has a different suggested level. If you’re too weak, you’ll have a hard time completing it.

The first Hunting Ground location you have access to is at The Daunt and is suggested for Level 5 and above. To get there, you must go northeast from Barren Light. Cross the bridge and you will see it shortly after. In this area, the challenges are focused on killing machines by locating its specific weak parts.

The second Hunting Ground location is the Plainsong, and it’s ideal for those Level 10 and above. To find this one, all you have to do is go northwest from Plainsong. In it, you will test your stealth skills. For example, in one of its missions, you have to kill three machines without being seen.

The Sheerside Mountains Hunting Ground is the third you get access to and is suggested for Level 20 and above. You can find it in the cold mountains east of The Bulwark. These challenges will put you against some powerful machines which you must kill following specific conditions. As an example, you need to kill a number of machines using a weapon with frozen damage.

The last Hunting Ground you will find in the West is the Raintrace, and it’s for Level 25 and up. Go northeast from Thronmarsh and you will find it shortly after. With this one, you’ll find missions in which you must use elemental weapons or heavy guns to kill specific machines.

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