Horizon Forbidden West Igniter | How to Get

To accomplish her mission, Aloy works with a variety of equipment. Horizon Forbidden West holds many secrets, so it is important to prepare yourself. If the Pullcaster helps Aloy to attain higher ground, the Igniter opens new paths. It might seem simple, but you will find yourself using more than you think. It is an important asset to explore ruins and follow your quests, making Aloy’s life a little bit easier.

How to Get the Igniter in Horizon Forbidden West

How to get the Igniter in Horizon Forbidden West

The Igniter is a special piece of equipment that you get through the main questline, “Death’s Door.” In it, you will build the tool, which will help you gain access to some blocked locations.

During the main quest, Aloy follows a trail to find Hades. Her final destination is in a facility where there is a door blocked by firegleam. This is a type of red crystal that you might have already seen. Up until now, there wasn’t much you could do to open these places. So, you learn about the Igniter in this quest. This is going to help since firegleams are inflammable.

To complete the quest you need to build the Igniter, but first you must collect some materials. You can find all of them outside the facility. The first item is the Leaplasher Spark Coil, you get it from Leaplashers, machines that you can find near the facility. It is important to take the item from the machine before killing it. The second item is the Deepwater Kindle Weed Oil. To find it, you need to dive in the water and look for some weeds at the bottom of the lake.

Once you have all the materials, take them to the workbench. Now that Aloy’s spear is equipped with the Igniter, you can destroy firegleams wherever you find them. Simply press R2 while points to a wall with the crystal. You won’t need to spend any type of fuel or ammunition to use it. Keep your distance from it after the animation ends, because the explosion affects Aloy too.

Even though you unlock the Igniter later in the game, you should take some time to visit previous regions. You’ll be able to use it to complete puzzles that you couldn’t complete earlier. For example the No Man’s Land Relic Ruins requires the Igniter to complete the puzzle. But when you first come across it you don’t have the tool So, take some time to backtrack and see if you’ve missed anything.

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