Horizon Forbidden West Legacy Door Code | How to Open

Side missions are always something fun to do when you’re tired of the main quest. Sometimes they’re small and can be completed relatively easily. However, other times, they’re long missions. Whether it’s a fetch quest or a special dungeon, there’s always something good at the end of the quest. For Horizon Forbidden West, this is the legacy sidequest.  This requires Aloy to find two separate codes for doors. Here’s how to find both of the Legacy door codes.

What Is the Legacy Door Code in Horizon Forbidden West
horizon forbidden west legacy door code

There are actually two Legacy door codes that you’ll need to find to complete the quest. The first code is 102023 and the second code is 402625.

After jumping to the tower, Aloy will come to the first door. To find the code for the first Legacy door, you’ll have to look to the left of the door panel. There’s a broken wall that you can go into and find a data point to scan. Once it’s scanned going into the menu by using the touchpad to examine it will give you the code. However, it’s in a riddle form. “founding date of the Atbay company.”

The answer won’t reveal itself until the datapoint has been scanned. Alva will then give Aloy the answer, stating that the company was founded in October of 2023. Turning this into a number, gives the player the code, 102023.

The second Legacy door is found after climbing higher up the tower. The second six digit code is 402625.

By using the scanner to check artifacts around the room, you’ll be able to find the code, each artifact will give you part of it. The Bird statue causes Alva to mention the number 40, which is the first part. The second artifact makes Alva say the number 2. The third artifact makes Alva mention the company’s 25th anniversary, and the last one makes Alva say the number 6. Switching the 25 and the 6 gives you the code, 402625. With the second code, it’s now possible for you to complete the Legacy sidequest, and reap the rewards at the end of the mission.