Horizon Forbidden West Lens of Midday | How to Get

Discovering the secrets of the west is part of your adventure. While you help Aloy to save the world in Horizon Forbidden West, you will probably get sidetracked. The vast world you get into has secret places, treasures, and different enemies to fight. One of the objectives you end up pursuing is to collect all the Lenses, a specific type of collectibles in Forbidden West. The Lens of Midday is one of the first you can get your hands on.

How to Get the Lens of Midday in Horizon Forbidden West

How do you get the Lens of Midday in Horizon Forbidden West

The Lens of Midday is at the top of a watchtower east of Chainscrape. To find the tower, you must first scale to its location. There are a total of six lenses in Horizon Forbidden West.

When you start exploring the west, there are a lot of places and different things to learn about. Some of the collectibles you will end up finding are the Lenses. These are usually in watchtowers that were built by the Carja people and are spread out across the map. Finding them is not necessarily easy though. One of the first ones you can get is the Lens of Midday. To get it, you must keep with the main questline until you get to Chainscrape. From there, you can go east in the direction of a mountain.

The path to the watchtower is not hard to find, but you will need some time to find its climbing spots. Since not all of them take you to the tower, you need to check the direction. Don’t forget to scan the area so the game will highlight where you can climb. Once you reach the tower, you need to go through more jumping and climbing. There is a circuit of beams, broken stairs, and small supports you can hold on around the tower. The climb is not hard, compared to what you have already done. However, if you rush it, there is a chance of falling, so take it slow. Better safe than sorry!

By the end of it, there is a satellite dish from which you get the Lens of Midday. This is a collectible with no initial utility. However, if you get all six, an NPC called Raynah will give you some rewards. Among them are Metal Shards, Greenshine Fragments, and the Dune Shadow Dye. To leave the tower without using your fast travel, you can rappel to get to the ground.

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