Horizon Forbidden West Longleg Location | Where to Find

To defeat her enemies and overcome obstacles in Horizon Forbidden West, Aloy needs all the help she can get. From mounts to better gear, her arsenal is composed of strong weapons, like Sharpshot bows and the Slicing Shredder Gauntlet. But acquiring new gear is not your only way to make Aloy’s life easier. Upgrading your items is incredibly important and to do so you will need to gather some materials. You might eventually need to find a Longleg or two to get the necessary upgrade components. Here is where you can find these machines!

Where to Find Longlegs in Horizon Forbidden West

Where to Find Longlegs in Horizon Forbidden West

The best place to find Longlegs is northeast of Hidden Ember. There you will find a Longleg settlement with plenty of them roaming around.

In your journey of upgrading your gear, you might need some components that drop from Longlegs. These are bird-like machines that you can find randomly in some places or specific settlements. While it is one of the basic enemies you will find, you might just want to know a specific location to farm materials.

If you focus on taking advantage of their elemental weaknesses, it is an easy fight. The regular Longleg is weak against Shock damage and strong against Acid damage. Now the Apex Longleg is weak against Frost damage and strong against Acid and Shock damage. So keep that in mind when you’re trying to take one down.

A good strategy to fight a Longleg is to aim for the concussion sac on its body. When using your Focus to scan it, you will see the sac in the lower part of its body. Besides being a big weak spot, the concussion sac explodes when destroyed. The downside of destroying it is that the loot changes since some resources will only drop if the sac is intact.

In this case, deal enough Frost damage to kill it. At the same time, if quick farming is your objective, go for the concussion sac.

In Horizon Forbidden West, you will eventually need to look for specific parts to upgrade your gear. The main story can easily be done without spending too much time worrying about getting better gear, but if you are looking to go through confrontations without much trouble or want to grind some endgame content, upgrading is important! By doing so you are not only improving the weapons or armor stats, but you can unlock spots for upgrades too.