Horizon Forbidden West Nights of Lights Code | How to Find

The main quests in Horizon Forbidden West make you explore many places, and to complete the Nights of Lights quest, you must go to the underground where you fought the Tideripper. Once there, you need to find the code to open the door. It is a tricky place, so if you need help, we got you covered! Here is the Nights of Lights code number and how to get it.

Where to Find the Nights of Lights Code

 How to find the Code for the Nights of Lights quest?

The Nights of Life code you need to open the door is 739135. You can find it after solving some small puzzles in the building. Completing it will give you the ___ ornament.

The Nights of Lights quest is an errand, a type of sidequest you can do in Horizon Forbidden West. To start this one, you must talk to Stemmur in the Hidden Ember, a location in the middle of the desert. Mind you that this quest will only be available after you completed the main quest The Sea of Sands.

The first part of this mission is basically you going to the underground and finding a specific building. The exact location might be a little confusing but you don’t need to worry. All you have to do is to follow the marker. Once you find the right building, in the first room you will see the door you must unlock by putting the code.

Now, to find the Nights of Light code you must look for two text data points. Each one will have three numbers of the code.

To find the first part of the Nights of Lights code, go to the left side of this room and climb to the upper part. There, on a box, you get the “Malfunction” text datapoint in which you read the numbers 135. After this, you are in a small room where you must relocate some crates to keep going.

Go to the right side of the room and jump on a small platform. From there, you can use your Pullcaster to move a crate separating from the other. Now you can pull the other crate out. Repeat the same process but from the left side. Pull back the first crate you moved and with both of them free, use the ramp in the room to put one on top of the other. By doing it you can reach a hatch in front of the ramp.

Before going for it, it is important to use the Pullcaster again to move a crate that is in the area in front of the ramp. You need to do it before jumping into the hatch before you get in. Once you are in, there is a vent that you must open with the Pullcaster and jump into it.

Follow the route until you are outside of the building. Clear the path by using the Pullcaster to destroy the wall and you will be in a room with another Datatext. In this one, you find the last number, 739. To come back, just jump out of the building and you will land near the door.

Now that you have the Nights of Lights code, you should be able to finish the quest with ease.