Horizon Forbidden West Overdraw Perk | How to Get

Aloy is able to wield a wide variety of fantastic weapons to help her during combat in Horizon Forbidden West. The sequel introduces Weapon Perks that basically adds damage for attacks, and these can range in different bonuses, including the Overdraw Perk.

This damage bonus focuses on the strength of your bow’s pull, and it can greatly hurt your foes. But how does this Overdraw Perk work exactly, and how do you get it? We’ve got a few notes for you to check out with our guide below.

How to Get the Overdraw Perk in Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West How to Get Overdraw Perk

The Overdraw Perk works as a damage bonus that is applied to only several bows in the game. That means that you’ll need to do some searching throughout the land and start collecting some bows. Namely, the Rare, Very Rare, and  Legendary bows will most likely contain the Perk in question. But whenever you see the Overdraw Damage Perk, pay attention to the other bonus Perks, too. Evidently, a bow with multiple bonus damages should be on your radar.

Whenever you get a bow with Overdraw Damage, the controller’s haptics will adapt to its intense power. While pulling back the bow to initiate a shot, your controller will begin to shake. Aloy is essentially pulling back the bow to the point where it can’t be stretched back anymore. As a result, the reticle will change, indicating that your power shot is ready to fly. Fire away, and you’ll notice that the Overdraw Damage can greatly deplete your enemy’s health.

One bow that we think is probably one of the most powerful in the game is the Legendary Forgefall Sharpshot Bow. This incredible weapon fires plasma rounds and comes with five Perks. The first two are already unlocked once you get it: +25% Draw Speed and +10% Concentration Damage.

Continue to upgrade the Forgefall to unlock the three additional Perks: +25% Overdraw Damage, +15% Aerial Enemy Damage, and +10% Shocked Enemy Damage. In order to get this weapon, you’ll need to have acquired 80 Arena Medals to then purchase the bow from the Arena Merchant.

As a bonus, under the Infiltrator skill tree, bring your attention to the Focused Shot Weapon Technique. This skill increases your weapon’s zoom while aiming to execute an extra amount of damage. Mix this skill with a bow that has the Overdraw Perk to cause some serious destruction.

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