Horizon Forbidden West PS5 Upgrade | How to Get

Did you know about the Horizon Forbidden West free PS5 upgrade? Since its announcement, the sequel of Aloy’s journey has impressed everyone with its majestic scenarios and splendid graphics. Considering how amazing this game looks, you probably want to have the best experience possible by playing it on a Playstation 5. However, since Sony’s new generation console is not easy to find and hasn’t landed on everyone’s home, players can buy a PS4 version of Forbidden West, a cheaper version, and still get a free upgrade. This is a great option for both PS4 and PS5 owners and we are here to help you download your upgrade as soon as the game is out!

How to Get the Horizon Forbidden West PS5 Upgrade


To get the free Horizon Forbidden West PS5 upgrade, simply head to the Playstation Store and look for the update once the game releases. This is only available if you purchase the digital or physical PS4 version of the game. It is important to note that in case you bought the physical version, you must have a PS5 with a disc drive.

If you have a PS5, you might have heard that buying a PS4 version of Horizon Forbidden West is a good idea. That’s because you receive a free upgrade for the PS5. While there is a PS5 version available for purchase, many players are buying the PS4 one because it is cheaper.  Saving some money while getting a new game is always a good option.

However, there are some important details you must keep in mind before choosing this option. First of all, you will have to wait a little longer to play the game. By buying the PS5 digital version, you are allowed to preload it.

On the other hand, you can only download the upgrade after the game is officially out. The second important detail is related to the physical copies: the game won’t work without the disc. If you bought the PS4 physical version and you are going to download the PS5 upgrade, whenever you play the game, you will need to insert the disc.