Horizon Forbidden West Pullcaster | How to Get

Exploration is an important aspect of Horizon Forbidden West. Aloy enters Ancient Ruins full of remnants from the Old One, rooms where holograms start explaining about a world unknown to the characters. While you’ll travel through woods crowded with machines, you’ll also notice walls to climb or far away platforms to reach. Since Forbidden West adds an extra degree of verticality, having the Pullcaster, a special gear, is essential. Where’s where to get your hands on one.

How to Get the Pullcaster in Horizon Forbidden West

How to Get the Pullcaster in Horizon Forbidden West

You’ll get the Pullcaster during the main storyline quest called “Reach for the Stars.” Since it’s part of the main quest, you can’t miss it. Once acquired, you can use it during your jump or by aiming it with L2. Not only does the Pullcaster work like a grappling hook, but it’s also helpful when dealing with blocked passages.

You learn that climbing is important in the first few hours of Horizon Forbidden West. More than once, quests take you through long traversal parts. You will use zip lines as well as jump from one platform to another to reach some places. There are, however, regions on the map that you can’t attain by just jumping. For those, you need to use the Pullcaster. Situations like these can be easily recognized by a circle symbol which marks where you need to reach. To use the Pullcaster in situations like this, you need to jump in the direction and then press X again.

Now, if you are trying to get to a place higher, the first method doesn’t work. When climbing, you might need to use another combination of movements with the Pullcaster. This happens when the place you need to reach is higher than where the circle mark is. To get there, you have to jump, press X, and then press O. Without this sequence, Aloy stops at the first place the Pullcaster is hooked.

The Pullcaster helps also to open the paths for your exploration. There will be places where rocks are blocking your passage. Since you can go around them or find an alternative route, you must use the Pullcaster. If you press L2 and R2, Aloy will shoot a hook to the structure. A small animation is triggered showing the character using the hook to destroy whatever is blocking the road. Although, it only works in specific regions and blocked areas.