Horizon Forbidden West Rabbit Locations | Where to Find

To deal with Horizon Forbidden West’s challenges, you will need more than just skill. Taking care of your equipment and improving it is a vital part of your journey. You can find weapons or armor sellers in each village, but buying a new piece of gear might not be enough. On the other hand, upgrading your gear will give you the upper hand! However, to do so, you may need to hunt down a rabbit or two, and mind you that they are not very easy to find.

Where to Find Rabbits in Horizon Forbidden West

Where to Find Rabbits in Horizon Forbidden West

The easiest place for you to find rabbits is around the lake north of Salt Bite. They are not as common as other wildlife in the game, but they spawn around the lake consistently.

Hunting rabbits is useful to get materials for upgrading your pouch in the workbench. However, they aren’t as easy to find as one could have imagined. From time to time you might spot one in the initial area of the game or in any wooded area. However, you will probably see raccoons or rats most of the time. So to improve your chances of finding rabbits, you can go to Salt Bite.

North of there you find a lake with a lot of vegetation around it. Now you must use your Focus to spot the rabbits and hit them with your bow. They are quite small, so take your time to aim for them. Keep in mind that rabbits do not always drop the items you may need, so you may have to hunt down a couple. Once you get what you need, all you need to do is get back and go to a camp with a workbench.

Aside from the like, another great way to find rabbits is to form a regular habit of checking for them with your Focus. Since the pouch has more than one level of upgrade you will need more materials in the future.

As part of Horizon Forbidden West’s upgrade system, you need to collect certain materials to build or improve your gear. While some pieces of equipment need materials from machines, there are also some items you only find by hunting wildlife. You can find different animals on the map, from boars to rats. But, among them, rabbits are usually very uncommon.

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