Horizon Forbidden West Regalla | How to Beat

From the moment Aloy’s journey in the new land starts in Horizon Forbidden West, you learn about the mighty warrior Regalla. She first appears when you get to know the first people from the west. Later, during the middle of the game, you see her once again. But it is during Chapter 16 that you finally face her. This is a memorable boss fight that will take you closer to the final moments of the game.

How to Beat Regalla in Horizon Forbidden West

How to beat Regalla boss in Horizon Forbidden West

The fight against Regalla has three phases, but during them, you can follow the same idea. Avoid her sword attacks and utilize the explosives and traps in the area to damage her, along with Acid and Plasma

As part of the final chapters in the game, you will finally face Regalla. Since the beginning of Aloy’s journey, you know a battle against her was coming. You are going to fight her, a Level 35 boss, during the The Wings of the Ten quest.

Regalla is a strong opponent and since she is human there aren’t many weak spots to focus on. Instead, you can take advantage of her weaknesses against Acid and Plasma Damage to destroy her armor. Avoid using Frost and Shock damages though.

Regalla’s first phase is a more direct confrontation with her chasing you with her sword in a small arena. Most of the time you will see her using small sequences of attacks. These can be avoided easily if you time your roll to the opposite side of her attack. However, it is quite hard to keep some distance and shoot her. Regalla is good at closing gaps. Focus on rolling out of her attacks and then quickly shooting Acid arrows. Don’t worry about charging your attack.

Her second phase starts when the arena changes. From the higher ground, she will fight with her bow, shooting a lot of Frost and Plasma attacks at you. While in the first phase you had no time to breathe and aim, now you must use all the time you need to hit her.

For the majority of the fight, she will be hiding behind a barricade. You have to take advantage of when she changes the side or when she pops her head out. Although these are small windows you have to attack her, it is important that you use some potent weapons, like a Sharpshot bow to destroy her helmet.

The third phase in her fight is an upgraded version of the first one. Take advantage that the arena is bigger this time and use the distance in your favor. There are also explosives spread around the arena which will deal elemental damage to her. Keep the strategy of using Acid and Frost attacks against her until the fight ends.

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