Horizon Forbidden West | All Salvage Contract Locations

Horizon Forbidden West has many different options of side content. From the Hunting Grounds and Relic Ruin to some side quests marked on the map. Among these, you will find the Salvage Contract quests. This is a special kind of quest that is divided into four groups represented by four NPCs. They will ask you to do all sorts of hunting and looting to help them pursue their goal as crafters. Look for all of them to earn a special reward.

Where to Find Every Salvage Contract

Where to Find Every Salvage Contract

There are a total of four Salvage Contracts you can find in Horizon Forbidden West. To unlock one, you must locate the four NPCs, Although it is quite a long project, completing all contracts can give good rewards like the legendary armor Oseram Artificer.

Salvage Contract – Larend

The Larend Salvage Contract is the first you have access to. Right after you finish the quest “The Embassy” you are ready to explore the west. Then, you will meet Larend who is trying to create the best armor. Initially, he will ask you to grab some materials for him, but most of his quests are very different from that.

To complete Larend’s contract you will have to complete four quests: Convoy Ambush, Alarm Antennas, Scavengers, and Elusive Fanghorn.

Savage Contract – Handa

Handa is the second NPC from whom you can get a Salvage Contract. She is northwest of the base. In her mission to craft the best armor, Handa will ask you for some items. To find them, you will have to hunt some rogue salvagers or detach specific parts of machines.

The quests given by Handa are Property Retrieval, Plowhorns and Plants, Ravager Canon, and Speedy Lancehron. You should be around Level 15 to 20 to complete these quests.

Savage contract – Runda

You can find Runda in the Stillsands, southeast of The Maw of the Arena. This is the third Salvage Contract you will find. She will need your help to craft armor. So, once again, Aloy needs to help retrieve specific items. When you find Runda, you are almost half the main storyline. Because of that, pay attention to your level before trying to complete her requests.

In this case, you should be somewhere between Level 15  and Level 26. The four quests you must complete are: Lost Supplies, Pristine Bellowback, Missing Gear, and Rollerback Salvage

Savage Contract – Danur

Danur is an NPC that you can find a small camp in the middle of a forest. This the Raintracer region and you can get there by going south of Fall’s Edge. As expected considering the region where he is, you will have to hunt some strong machines for his quests, like the behemoth. This is also why you should try to answer his requests if you are around Level 25 to 30.

In case you are prepared, Danur’s questline has of the following quests: Mine Launchers, Colleague and Key, Underwater Salvage, and Reinforced Components. This is the last of the Salvage Contracts in Horizon Forbidden West. 

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