Horizon Forbidden West Seeds of the Past Guide

In Aloy’s journey to save the world, she explores an area near the coast to find some important data. This is part of Horizon Forbidden West’s quest “Seeds of the Part.” The challenges go beyond fighting enemies during this chapter and together with a new ally, Aloy will have to energize devices from the old times before they can proceed.

How to Complete Seeds of the Past

How to Complete Seeds of the Past

To solve the Seeds of the Past puzzle, you will need to find a way to open the control room. Jump in the vent beside the door of a room with purple lights. Once inside, destroy the wall. Now get the energy cell and put it in the panel.

During the Seeds of the Past quest, Aloy is trying to get some information with her new ally, Alva. At a specific moment, you need to help her activate some devices. However, there is no power. So, you will need to find a way to power the control room which is locked.

Right at the beginning, there is nowhere to go besides the lower part of the room. While Alva stays in the upper part, you need to get a pillar. Once you have found it, you need to pull this structure until it gets near Alva who will jump on the top of it.

After that, you will keep pulling it until you get the pillar next to another opening at the upper part of the room. By taking Alva to this side, the second part of the puzzle starts. Your goal for this part is to find an energy cell in one of the structures in the lower part of the room. There will be some types of metal shelves you can pull. While behind some of them you can find items, you must look for the one with the energy cell.

Now that you have it, your objective changes. You need to put it inside the control room. You can find it because of the purple lights that you can see from the window. Since the door is closed, you must use the vent that is right beside the door, above some boxes.

After having gotten into the room, simply use the Igniter to destroy the wall. Come back to where you left the energy cell and carry it to the panel to complete the Seeds of the Past puzzle.

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