Horizon Forbidden West Survey Drone Locations | Where to Find

Among Horizon Forbidden West’s collectibles, you will find Survey Drones. They are all over the West and finding them is not easy. Some are at the top of mountains while others are in the middle of the desert. Besides that, you must always find the path that will let you reach each one. We’ve assembled a list of every Survey Drone location, so you don’t have to!

Where to Find Every Survey Drone in Horizon Forbidden West

There are a total of ten Survey Drone locations in Horizon Forbidden West. Each one is a bit different, but they all follow the same logic: Reach a high enough point that you can jump and grab them. Once they are on the ground, simply loot them for their treasure.

Here are the Survey Drone locations and some tips on how to reach them.


Survey Drone Stillsands

You can find the Stillsands Survey Drone near the Tower of Tears. It flies around a building that you need to climb to reach. Go to the right side and you will find the climbing path you need to follow.

Stand of the Sentinels

Survey Drone Stand of the Sentinels

This Stand of the Sentinels Survey Drone is east of Tide’s reach. To grab it you must use the tree around the area. Next to the area where the drone is, there is a broken tree that you can use to start climbing. There will be some places that you can glide to that will help you to get access. You should also always lower the ladders because they will help you get back in case you fall.


Survey Drones Location Graypeak

To find the Graypeak Survey Drone, go northwest of Memorials Grave and look for the top of the snow mountains. Once you find the drone, you will also see a platform that hovers in front of it for some time. You can get there by climbing the wall. Just be careful to keep an eye on the enemies in the region, since they are pretty tough, like the Slaughterspine.

Sheer Side Mountain

Survey Drone Sheer Side Mountain

The Sheer Side Mountain Survey Drone is one of the easier ones. Go north of Bulwark with your flying mount and you can find the drone by climbing the mountain and reaching the first platform.

Isle of Spires

Horizon Forbidden West Survey Drones

Once you get to the Faro’s Tomb main quest, you will go through some ruins of the old San Francisco. It is on this island where you can find the Isle of Spires Survey Drone flying around a building. At the top of it, you will find a pole that you can use to climb and jump for the drone.


 Survey Drone Tornmarsh

The Tornmarsh Survey Drone is a tricky one since it can be hard to figure out how to reach it initially. However, all you have to do is look for a pole around the area that you can climb. From it, you will see a tree that you can use the Pullcaster on. By doing so, you will find yourself at the drone’s level.


 Survey Drone - Greenswell

Go northwest from Plainsong and you will find the Greensweel Survey Drone. To reach it, first, you need to destroy a wall using your Igniter. From there, you can reach a beam that lets you climb the wall. Simply follow the path you have until you reach the platform.


Survey Drone - Plainsong

If you go northeast from Plainsong, you will eventually find a ruin of what seems to be an old fort. You will find the Survey Drone location in this region. If you already have the flying mount, simply head to the gate and drop on it. But if you don’t, you will need to open the gate with your Igniter and then climb the left side of the wall to get to the platform.

Dry Yearn

Horizon Forbidden West Survey Drones

You will find the Dry Yearn Survey Drone by going west from the base. It is in the middle of a desert region. Reaching it isn’t hard, simply climb the rocks until you get to the platform. There are some enemies in the region, but nothing you need to fret about.

No Man’s Land

Survey Drone No Man’s Land

The obstacle to getting the No Man’s Land Survey Drone is not the path to reach it, but the enemies in the region. You will find this drone location south of Stone’s Echo and southwest of the No Man’s Land Relic Ruin. It will be right in the middle of a Thunderjaw settlement. If you’re not a high level, you might want to consider coming back later. Go for the biggest rock in the area and you will see it has a platform on it. Just climb it to get to the drone.

There you have it, all of the Survey Drone locations in Horizon Forbidden West. Happy hunting!