Horizon Forbidden West Tearblast Arrows | How to Get

The fights in Horizon Forbidden West are not determined entirely by your skill with the weapons, you must adapt and look for your enemy’s weaknesses. Some are weak against fire or against ice, for example. Every enemy has weak parts that you can attack to do massive amounts of damage. One option for this is using the Sharpshot Bow with its Tearblast arrows.

How to Get Tearblast Arrows in Horizon Forbidden West

How to Get Tearblast Arrows in Horizon Forbidden West

To get Tearblast arrows you need a Sharpshot Bow. These types of bows are specialized in using arrows that remove parts of machines. You earn the Cleaving Sharpshot Bow by completing The Broken Sky mission in the main questline.

Horizon Forbidden West not only has a great variety of weapons, but also different types of damage. From frost to plasma, each enemy is strong or weak against one of them. Since having the right element during a fight can be a game-changer, carry as many Tearblast arrows with you as possible. Even though it is not an element, the tear type of damage can be quite effective.

If you’re having trouble taking down enemies, you really should consider the Tearblast arrows, it can make your fight way easier. This is because each enemy has weak parts that you should remove, as it will make them lose their capacity to use a skill. For example, Tideripper has a disc on its back that it uses to attack you with jets of water. If you remove it, it won’t use this exact skill. The Tearblast arrows are made to attack the weakspots.

Although you can shoot regular or elemental arrows to destroy the machine’s parts, tear damage will do the work faster. But to use Tearblast arrows you must have a Sharpshot bow. This type of bow works as a sniper because you are will use it far from your enemy. In case you are looking for one of these, you don’t need to worry. During the quest The Broken Sky you get the Cleaving Sharpshot Bow, a rare weapon.