Horizon Forbidden West The Daunt | What Is the Code?

Once Aloy arrives in the west, there are many things you can do besides the main quest. Horizon Forbidden West makes exploration a very fun and rewarding experience. Among the secrets you can find are Relic Ruins. They are collectibles that are spread on the map and one of them is The Daunt. You can start looking for it right at the beginning in the new area. All you need to do is figure the puzzle out to open a door to treasures.

What Is The Daunt Code in Horizon Forbidden West

 How do you find The Daunt in Horizon Forbidden West

The Daunt room code is 1705. To find the relic location, head south of Chainstrap on the right side of the river. To identify it easily, look for some ruins near a bonfire. By completing the ruin, you’ll get crafting materials, XP, and The Daunt ornament.

The Daunt’s structure is composed of three basic rooms, but you will explore underneath them too. Your first move must be to go to the room on the left side of the area. You won’t miss it since it is the only one you can get into. There is a crate there which you must push to the middle of the room. Simply stand on the top of it and jump to the upper part where there is a door. You can’t open it without a key, but don’t forget about it since you will come back here later.

Now that you are on the second floor, you can jump to the other room’s balcony. Scan the datapoint you will find in this room. At the end of the message, you’ll learn The Daunt code (1705) which is the code you will need for the door. After that, if you look up, you will see another crate and a vent. Use your Pullcaster to pull those down, as well as a beam right beside the vent. Place the crate so you can jump to the beam and reach the vent to go to the next room.

In this third room, there is only one way: a hole in the ground. Jump into it and keep walking until you find a climbing section on a wall. It won’t work because the support breaks though. So, you need to keep going until you find a dead end and use the Pullcaster on the ceiling.

Once having done that, you can come back to the previous room and push the crate into the new hole. Use the Pullcaster again to break the wall that separates both rooms. Now, with this crate, you can keep climbing and reach the balcony, where you find the key needed.

With the key in hand, come back to the first room and get to the upper part. Use the code you got before, and you will have access to a room with the rewards. You will find the ornament The Daunt and a chest with crafting materials.

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