Horizon Forbidden West Tilda | How to Beat

You have finally made it to the last challenge in Horizon Forbidden West. Aloy has faced many powerful foes so far, but very few are like Tilda with her impressive armor. This fight will make you put everything you have learned and trained into action. Here are some tips to help you win your last battle and save the Forbidden West.

How to Beat Tilda in Horizon Forbidden West

How to beat Tilda in Horizon Forbidden West

To beat Tilda, it’s all about dealing damage with the whole arsenal the Specter Prime has. Aim for the weak spots while trying to defend yourself from some of her attacks. Her melee attacks are the easiest to dodge.

This is the last fight in Horizon Forbidden West. When you face Tilda, you’ll be wearing the Specter Prime, a Far Zenith exoframe. This is extremely powerful armor and presents you with good protection against asthe final boss. The confrontation occurs in the “Singularity” quest and Tilda is a level 45 boss. She is strong against Fire, Shock, and Purgewater damage, so you should focus on attacking her with Acid and Plasma Damage.

This is a difficult fight because of the different and powerful attacks Tilda has. She can shoot lasers or small electric projectiles. Tilda can even use a powerful move where she casts fire from her legs. Even though you can avoid taking damage from these by keeping a good distance from her, sometimes they happen so fast that it is hard to avoid all of them. On the other hand, she eventually does a sequence of melee attacks that you can dodge by rolling into the attack, in her direction instead of the opposite one.

It is important to keep the Acid damage up throughout the fight. Simply shoot Acid Arrows when you see the bar getting low, this will help damage her armor. The armor has a considerable amount of weak spots, but only a few are easy to hit. Both antennas in her head and her back are a no-brainer.

Just shoot whatever you have in your hand when you see them open. In her chest, there is the pulse cannon, a weak spot that can become a weapon if you are able to detach it from her. After some damage, the armor covering a sphere in the middle of the armor is destroyed. This is a good weak spot to aim for in the rest of the fight.

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