Horizon Forbidden West Tremortusk Boss | How to Beat

In Horizon Forbidden West, Aloy faces many dangers to achieve her goal of saving the world. During a specific mission, she must help a tribe to defend itself from the attack of rebels that can control machines. When looking to find the enemy’s plot, Aloy ends up having to face a terrible foe: the Tremortusk. This is a giant mammoth-like machine boss during “The Broken Sky” quest that you need to defeat. Here’s how you can beat it!

How to Beat the Tremortusk Boss

How to Beat the Tremortusk Boss

The Tremortusk has many weak spots for you to aim for. Besides that, there are a lot of ice explosives around the area where you face it. Shoot them to get the upper hand in the fight.

As part of “The Broken Sky” quest, you need to face a group of rebels and a giant machine, the Tremortusk. This boss is quite powerful and it can kill you easily with some attacks. To prepare yourself to face it, you should have weapons of the ice element. The boss has a variety of attacks, from assaults to a big electric AoE. So try to keep moving far from it and shoot it when you find an opening between its attacks.

One strategy you can use is to attack it as much as you can while you are hiding in the tall grass. Take this chance and aim for some of its weak spots. Use a powerful weapon, such as a Sharpshot bow with Tearblast arrows for example. Although you might not remove or destroy Tremorturk’s parts right away, you have left them damaged enough. Even though this is a solid strategy to start this fight, you can’t keep up with it since rebel soldiers will look for you as soon as your first arrow hits the boss. Simply ignore them, since you have Kotallo with who will deal with the rebels.

There are three weak points that you can focus on to impede Tremortusk to use some attacks or damage it. The first one is right below it. A big sack that is easily spotted once you scanned it. In case you destroy it, the sack explodes and damages the boss for you. On the other hand, there are two weak spots on each side of it from where Tremortusk shoots missiles. Since these attacks are pretty annoying to deal with, it is a good option to have them down right at the beginning.

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