Horizon Forbidden West Tripcaster | How to Get

Fighting in Horizon Forbidden West is always about finding a good strategy. You can shoot your enemies with your bow, or lure them to your traps. There are so many different machines, that the same approach won’t always work. Knowing which situation each weapon is a better option in will give you the upper hand. One trap, the Tripcaster, can help you when you need to stop fast and ferocious machines. Attract them to the traps you set with this weapon and then launch your final attack. But first, you’ll have to get it!

How to Get the Tripcaster in Horizon Forbidden West

How do you get the Tripcaster in Horizon Forbidden West

You will get the Tripcaster from Thurlis during the main quest “To The Brink.” As in the first game, you use it to set tripwire traps. One of the best times to use it is against machines that run in your direction.

By following the main questline, you will inevitably get to the “To The Brink” quest and unlock the Tripcaster. During one part, you have to save a soldier who is in a tower, protecting himself. Aloy needs to help him, so you’ll have to kill the machines. It is not complicated, but you must be careful with the tripwire traps in the area.

Look carefully to identify where the traps are, so you can disarm them or attract the machines to them. This is a good opportunity for you to understand how these traps work.

After all the fighting, the soldier, Thurlis, will give you the Tripcaster. This is the weapon used to set the same traps you just saw. If you played Zero Dawn, you’ll likely be familiar with it. However, if you are not, don’t worry, using it is quite simple. Aim with L2 and tap R2 to shoot an anchor on the ground.

Now you have to think about the length you want to cover with this trap. Then, press R2 again to shoot the second anchor and set the trap. The extension of the wire depends mostly on the size of the enemy you are facing.

Considering fights in Horizon Forbidden West can get pretty hectic, the Tripcaster has one downside. It takes some time to prepare the trap, and Aloy’s movement is a little slower. You might try to do it faster, but the chances of setting an inefficient trap are huge! So, to better use it, take some distance from your enemy. It will give you more time to set everything correctly. Once you learned how the weapon works, you will see how useful it is. Since these traps inflict shock damage, they will paralyze the machines.

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