Horizon Forbidden West Vine Cutter | How to Get

Exploration is not a straightforward process in Horizon Forbidden West. More than once you will sidetrack to an area where you can’t access. The game hides treasures behind locked doors or simple walls, provoking the players to imagine what they must do to get the prizes. Only after advancing the main quest line and getting items like the Pullcaster and the Diving Mask that you get access to these places. With the Vine Cutter, you can cut the vines blocking your way in various places in the West.

How to Get the Vine Cutter in Horizon Forbidden West

How to Get the Vine Cutter in Horizon Forbidden West

You can craft the Vine Cutter during the “Seeds of The Past” quest. Like other special gears like the Igniter and the Diving Mask, this will help you to access specific areas. This is also when you learn how to open the metal flowers.

When Aloy meets Alva and starts exploring an old facility, you will end up at a dead-end. The map indicates you need a specific item to pass through. If you look closely, you see that the door is covered with vines and in front of it, there is a metal module. However, to clear the way, you need to keep with the main questline. Once you get access to the Control Room and defeat the Dreadwing boss, Aloy will enter a room with only one terminal working. Activate it to watch a hologram.

After that, you receive the schematics of the Vine Cutter. Now you must come back to a camp you have been during this quest to find a workbench. This is where you are going to craft the Vine Cutter and install this module on Aloy’s spear. Then it is time to come back to that dead-end you found at the beginning of this area. It will give you access to the Data Core Aloy is looking for.

This special gear dissolves Metal Flowers’ vines. During your journey so far, you have probably seen one of these. They are some pyramid-like metal modules that so far you couldn’t interact with. But now, all you have to do is use your melee attacks with R1 e R2 to open the metal flower. Right after this, the command “Install Vine Cutter Module” appears to you. Tap R1 to trigger an animation in which Aloy sticks her spear in the Metal Flower and opens the door.