Horizon Forbidden West Widemaw Tusk | How to Get

Upgrading your weapons and armor in Horizon Forbidden West is a critical part of the journey. This world has massive threats, so keeping your gear up-to-date is important. However, in order to upgrade, you’re going to need some specific parts. The Widemaw tusk in Horizon Forbidden West will be a big stepping stone in your adventure, so knowing how to farm it is nice. So, let’s learn where you can find them to make farming easy!

How to Get the Widemaw Tusk in Horizon Forbidden West

How to Get the Widemaw Tusk in Horizon Forbidden West

If you need the Widemaw Tusk in Horizon Forbidden West, you’ll need to find and chip at the Widemaw enemy. These are basically mechanical hippos, which you’ll need to break their “fangs” in order to acquire the item. Use your bow on their lower “teeth” that you can see whenever the bot opens its mouth. Once their teeth fall out, you can collect them to add them to your inventory and use them for future upgrades.

The Widemaw is often in rivers and wetlands. It is a level 15 enemy, so you’ll encounter them quite early in the campaign. Just head to rivers and wetlands, as they are an amphibious machine and spawn near waterfronts.

You can slay the Widemaw, but make sure you break their tusk off before the fight. By firing at the orange teeth inside of their mouth, you’ll deal part damage to them. Your bow is accurate at middle-ranges, but watch out for its charge. Because of that, and its ranged attacks, feel free to use the environment to your advantage. Just make sure you don’t go into overly deep water.

You can tell if the tusk has fallen off because the beast will flinch to the side and the object will fly off. You can pick it up at this point.

Widemaw tusks are required for various mid-rank upgrades, so you won’t need them too early on. If you need help with other things in Horizon Forbidden West, we can help you out!