Horizon Forbidden West Yarra or Drakka Choice | Who To Side With

The story mode of Horizon Forbidden West is a deep one, littered with moral choices to make. One such example is whether to side with Yarra or Drakka in the mission Gate of the Vanquished. These two leaders of the Tenakth tribe both see their way of thinking as superior, and it falls to Aloy to decide who gets all the power. Join us as we look at the consequences of siding with either side in Horizon Forbidden West.

Should You Side With Yarra or Drakka?

Horizon Forbidden West Yarra or Drakka choice

Broadly speaking, it doesn’t make much of a difference whether you side with Yarra or Drakka in Horizon Forbidden West. The rest of the quest will largely play out the same regardless of your choice, though it’s still interesting to see the caveats of each.

If you opt for Yarra or Drakka’s side, there’s a very similar trajectory. If you pick Yarra, it’ll trigger a fight against Drakka’s forces. At that point you dive back into gameplay, partaking in the skirmish until Drakka is dead. After that, Yarra becomes the ruler of the Tenakth tribe. She even reappears later in the game as a quest-giver.

However, the exact same can be said if you pick Drakka’s side. You’ll fight against Yarra and her forces, she will die, and Drakka will rule the Tenakth. They’ll also provide a quest down the line, with the exact same dialogue and objectives as if it was Yarra.

All things considered, the choice between them isn’t too impactful, nor will it have long-lasting effects. You can feel free to choose whomever you think is best.

The only other option you get is to try and temper both sides, getting them to come to an agreement. While this may sound good on paper, it doesn’t actually work! After Aloy gives a speech, both Yarra and Drakka decide to unite, and become more violent together. As such, your good intentions end up actually having the opposite effect.

Ultimately, the choice between Yarra and Drakka in Horizon Forbidden West is entirely aesthetic, so don’t worry about which you pick!