Horizon, God of War, and Gran Turismo Are Getting a TV Series

Sony makes a lot of different products and games, and now they’re bringing them into TV shows. As the owner of PlayStation, this company has been a dominating player among consoles with many popular titles to support it. It has a history of making many titles exclusive to its platform as a way to draw people into purchasing it. Of these titles, Gran Turismo, God Of War, and Horizon are among the most critically and financially successful. Each has garnered a huge community which has led Sony to make a decision about turning each of them into a television series but on different networks. Revealed during a recent Sony Business Meeting, God Of War will be going to Amazon, Horizon to Netflix, and Gran Turismo left currently undecided. It’s unknown when filming will begin or when these game-based shows are scheduled to premiere.

Sony Games On TV

Translating video games into television and film has become a common practice with mostly negative results. On average, this type of cinematic content earns money as well as negativity from critics and audiences alike. However, titles like Arcane: League Of Legends have shown that it is possible to a game-based show that’s extremely well-received. With the fanbase of Gran Turismo, God Of War, and Horizon, it’s expected that a large number of people will be ready to view each of their first episodes. With the support of networks like Netflix and Amazon, each of these shows will have access to a lot of resources.

A common critique of gaming-related cinema is the tendency to recreate the game’s story exactly. With shows like Arcane and even Castlevania, they attempt to tell an original story within the game’s universe. With all that the three Sony titles in question have to offer, there is much potential for various storylines. Horizon presents a post-apocalyptic scenario where technology lives in the wilderness alongside animals and humans have returned to the tribal living. God Of War is another take on Greek mythology, and Gran Turismo follows professional race car circuits.

Three of Sony’s big names are coming to TV at some point in the future, but the announcement will have people lining up on the edge of their seats.