The Medium

The Medium Is a New Horror Game That Features a Dual-Reality

Bloober Team has revealed a new trailer for their upcoming psychological third-person horror game The Medium. The new trailer was debuted during the Xbox Series X game showcase event on July 23 and will be available on PC through Steam and on Xbox Series X.

In The Medium, players assume the role of Marianne, a medium who can see two sets of realities manifesting before her, and can walk amongst both. One is the Real World, which works and looks very much like our own, and another one is the Spirit World, where she is surrounded by strange landscapes and other nightmarish elements.

The game works with a patented dual-reality mechanic that allows players to interact with both worlds at the same time. These two worlds are rendered simultaneously, since Bloober Team seeks to showcase the dual-reality experience devoid of loading screens to keep the tension alive and the horror elements building up in a unique way as players explore the game’s realities.

Gameplay-wise, in order to keep the dual-reality concept alive, the player controls Marianne’s movements in The Medium with a single analog stick while both versions of her walk in their respective realities, mirroring each other’s movements to escape from enemies, traverse dangerous terrain or solve puzzles as they advance through the game’s story.

The Medium also showcases different powers and abilities that Marianne can make use of to escape The Maw, a terrifying creature that haunts her as she goes through her journey. However, these supernatural powers are only effective in the Spirit World, which will drive players to form a clever strategy if they hope to make the best of each of them.

The game is planned for release sometime during Holiday 2020. Pre-orders for the game are available now for both the PC version and the Xbox Series X version on the games through the official website. Further, players who pre-order the Steam version of the game will get access to the base game at launch, as well as the original The Medium soundtrack featuring scores by Silent Hill 2 composer Akira Yamaoka in collaboration with Bloober Team’s Arkadiusz Reikowski. The preorder will also include a digital artbook of the game.