Hot Wheels Unleashed Boost Start | How to Get

Racing to get to the finish line first takes skill and determination in Hot Wheels Unleashed. With 12 toy cars lined up and ready to roll, everyone carries the same goal as you. While loops and jumps are a part of the Hot Wheels formula, the Unleashed title provides players with a boost meter to utilize while racing. Each vehicle has a different boost meter, yet it can achieve a successful Boost Start. This happens at the beginning of the race, once the countdown initiates. Here’s what you need to do to pull one off.

How to Get a Boost Start in Hot Wheels Unleashed

How to Get a Boost Start in Hot Wheels Unleashed

You can obtain a Boost Start at the beginning of any race by relying on the 3-2-1 countdown timer. Start revving your engine between seconds 3 and 2, where either a green or purple flame will ignite from your car. No, your wheels won’t get hot, but the competition will rise to a heated spectacle if more than one car gets a Boost Start.

The trick here is to master perfect timing between seconds 3 and 2. A perfect rev will produce a purple boost flame, which provides your meter with full capacity. This is ideally within the 2.5-second mark. If you miss the perfect window, a green flame will instead shoot out from your vehicle, earning you some nitrous instead of a full tank.

Of course, failure to rev up your engine during the countdown will result in a normal commencement of the race. No boost is rewarded to you. Instead, you’ll just have to race and acquire additional boosts on the road to maintain proper placement.

It’s important to keep in mind that once you ignite your boost, be sure to steer clear of any vehicles in front of you. Bumping into one or more will hinder your speed. A solid line of focus ought to be established if you wish t.o climb up to the first-place rank

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