Hot Wheels Unleashed Crossplay | Is It Cross-Platform?

Hot Wheels Unleashed is one of the most fun and imaginative racing games that you can boot up. With courses inspired by childhood imaginations, players have access to all sorts of different real-life and fantasy vehicles to drive. And being able to buddy with friends in this game will unlock its potential as a racing game! But, does Hot Wheels Unleashed have crossplay between PlayStation and Xbox? Or, will players have to make sure they all have the same console before taking on the racetrack with one another?

Is There Crossplay Support for Hot Wheels Unleashed?

Is There Crossplay Support for Hot Wheels Unleashed?

Yes, Hot Wheels Unleashed does have fully realized crossplay between all supported consoles. In order to allow or disable cross-platform play, you can head to your Unleashed Profile and toggling off the feature. This will allow or disallow players from Xbox and PlayStation from being able to play with one another. This comes after several updates improving crossplay between consoles for this storied racing game.

Hot Wheels Unleashed has had a history of crossplay access. Early on, it had no cross-platform functionality at all. Then, Xbox and PC crossplay was added, so Microsoft fans were able to play with one another. Finally, in August of last year, all players were able to start playing with each other!

Even better, this option is fully toggleable! You can head to your player profile to enable or disable this functionality. You can turn it off to improve connection and fairness of races. However, this might increase the amount of time between matches, since the player count is significantly less on only one console.

This is exciting! We adore the quirky racing game that Hot Wheels Unleashed has evolved into over the course of its lifespan. Milestone has gone from completely silent on the issue to allowing full functionality within the course of a year. This is a great sign for this community, as well as other smaller games across every console. If these devs could change their position, many others could!