Hot Wheels Unleashed | Is There Split-Screen?

Hot Wheels Unleashed - Is There Split-Screen?

There’s nothing like being behind the miniature wheel of a toy car in Hot Wheels Unleashed. Developed and published by Milestone (the team behind the current MXGP and Monster Energy Supercross titles), Hot Wheels Unleashed brings forth the old-school experience of playing with model cars to a modern racing simulator. Taking in the familiarity of the racing genre, Milestone implements both nostalgia and exhilaration as players drive through gigantic courses. Since 12 players can link up via an online session, is it possible for two players to race together with a split-screen function for Hot Wheels Unleashed? Let’s find out!

Hot Wheels Unleashed | Is There Split-Screen?

Hot Wheels Unleashed | Is There Split-Screen?

Yes, Hot Wheels Unleashed comes with split-screen capabilities, allowing two players to share the screen. The experience is split vertically in half instead of the commonplace horizontal division used in many games. This allows the racers to embrace the scale of the races, which usually involve a wide variety of loops.

To access the two-player mode for Hot Wheels Unleashed, head over to the main game menu. The top tabs you’ll see are Home, Quick Modes, Track Builder, and Editor. Select Quick Modes to choose between the Quick Race, Time Attack, and Split Screen options. Evidently, click on the last one to engage in two-player gameplay. Whoever is commandeering the initial setup is player 1; player 2 simply needs to connect their controller once the Split Screen prompt appears.

From there, both players can adjust their driving settings before revving up onto the orange tracks. This includes vibration, accelerator, boost, steering, and other driving aspects. Then, both players will select their vehicles before choosing a track to race on. The game will finally transition to your chosen vibrant atmosphere, with a vertically split screen putting players one and two in the spotlight among the other model cars on the track.

Hot Wheels Unleashed is available now for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Milestone’s fun-sized racing title first appeared on the major platforms on September 30, 2021. Further Amazon Luna and Stadia ports were distributed later on in 2022, though the latter is officially defunct.

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