Hot Wheels Unleashed Secret Missions | How to Unlock

The thing about secrets is that they can come in all shapes and sizes, especially on the orange tracks of Hot Wheels Unleashed. A good majority of the racing experience centers around the miniature vehicles charging for the finish line, with loops and jumps to boot. But every now and then, a hidden gem comes out into the light. For this guide, we’re going over the 9 secret missions that you can discover in Hot Wheels Unleashed. This is essential for completionists who are looking to acquire and complete everything in Milestone’s arcade racer.

How to Unlock All Secret Missions in Hot Wheels Unleashed

How to Unlock All Secret Missions in Hot Wheels Unleashed

There are nine accessible secret missions for racers to check out in Hot Wheels Unleashed. The main area to find these hidden events will be in the Hot Wheels City Rumble mode. We’ll go over each of the secret missions’ clues and their required tasks that correspond with the given conditions that you can locate on the map.

  1. Unsolved Mysteries – Amazing Drivers: with a special appearance by Motosaurus. Objective: Finish the Amazing Drivers event race with Motosaurus car.
  2. Hidden From View – End the winged monster’s reign of terror. Objective: Finish the Jurassic Predator Boss Race.
  3. Hidden to Most – Defeat the one that reigns the ice. Objective: Finish the Snow Pilot Boss Race.
  4. Covert – Defeat the four bossed to take on the final challenge. Objective: Finish all previous Boos races.
  5. Can You Keep a Secret? – The legend says that a restless ghost blocks the access to this path. Objective: Finish the fifth and final boss race.
  6. Secret Unveiled – Reckless Driving: with special appearance by Bone Shaker. Objective: Finish Reckless Driving event with the Bone Shaker Car.
  7. Top Secret – The Best: with a special appearance by Buns of Steel. Objective: Finish The Best Race Event with the Buns Of Steel car.
  8. Surprise! – Wake up, it’s late! Today is your first day, you’ll miss the school bus! Objective: Complete the first race with the Hot Wheels High bus.

If you’re having issues completing one or more of the above-listed secret missions, try experimenting with different cars. The more that you unlock, the more of a winning chance you’ll have once you press down on the gas. No garage is ever too full for a nice line-up of toy cars.

Hot Wheels Unleashed is available now for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.