How Sonic Frontiers Could Help Bring Sonic Back

Sonic the Hedgehog is a beloved mascot by many. But in the past few years, he seems to have garnered a public image issue. It’s not all the fault of Sega. It’s a mixture of both the fans and Sega. Many players have yearned for Sonic to go back to what it was, while also criticizing what Sega has done to improve the brand. Some players feel like they’re being swindled, and they’ve made it clear online. Sega, on the other hand, has attempted to deliver on what players want. But, with the loud majority of players asking for changes, and Sega’s propensity to give the players what they want, something gets lost in translation. However, Sonic Frontiers could change all of that.

How Sonic Frontiers Could Help Bring Sonic Back

How Sonic Frontiers Can Bring Sonic Back

Sonic Frontiers is the latest game in the series being made by Sega. The studio previously released Sonic Forces, which was a resounding flop for being a mix of classic Sonic gameplay combined with the boost gameplay started in Sonic Generations. Players have wanted a return to the adventure-style gameplay found in Sonic Adventure. Sega has aimed to deliver on that, supposedly with a more serious story to boot.

While not much information has been shown about Sonic Frontiers, we know more now than before. Some new content has been shown in the latest Sonic Central. Granted, it’s nothing story-focused yet. But, with the announcement of Sonic Frontiers Prologue, an animated short following Knuckles, the story may be darker than players anticipated. Sonic may be returning back to its roots. However, some fans are already up in arms asking for the game to be delayed.

Players have been asking for Sonic to have “Momentum-based gameplay” as it’s a “staple of Sonic.” Despite the fact that they also asked Sega to “return to the adventure style gameplay,” which doesn’t include momentum-based gameplay. Fans are wondering why there are platforms and rails floating in the air, despite this being in both Sonic Adventure titles.

If Sega decides to listen to the players and delay the game like they’ve been asking, players might receive a product that feels incomplete. And would be directly due to influence from the fan base. It would also create yet another flop for the brand on behalf of Sega. As of right now, Sonic’s popularity is at an all time high. Sonic has received two films and a Netflix Series. Sonic’s comic endeavors have been very popular, and for good reason. The series isn’t losing interest in players, the last thing the series needs, is a positively received game to tie it all together.

What Should be Done to Ensure the Success of Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers is the game that can bring Sonic back, completely. It’s doing something different, and new, while retaining the best parts about Sonic in 3D. The series doesn’t need to innovate too far or change the gameplay, it needs to be exciting and fun. As of right now, Sonic Frontiers, and all its blemishes, is that game. It’s up to Sega to deliver that game, without changing it between now, and its release date this holiday. What Sega should do regarding the game, is not listen to the fans asking for the game to be delayed.

Sega needs to stick to their guns for Sonic Frontiers, and deliver the game they’ve already shown. Watching someone play a game is vastly different than playing the game yourself. There could be some things that are lost in translation between the gameplay videos we’ve seen so far. Considering the lack of content that’s been shown, it’s causing fans to jump to conclusions when it comes to the new game.

The main takeaway from this is that Sonic Frontiers has the capability to bring all of Sonic’s best aspects back into popularity. With the games being the final piece of the puzzle, Sega should refrain from attempting to please everyone. Rather, it should focus on making Sonic Frontiers, and let the game release the way it was intended.