How to Find Earth Crystals in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Earth Crystal

In Stardew Valley, there are countless materials that players can gather which are needed for various items and recipes. One of the more rare items is called the Earth Crystals, which is used for crafting, gifting, and more. That said, in this guide, we’ll show you where to find Stardew Valley Earth Crystals and how to farm them.

Stardew Valley Earth Crystal | Where to FarmStardew Valley Earth Crystal

The best way to find and farm Earth Crystals in Stardew Valley is to head down into the Mines and search for Geodes and Omni Geodes. Specifically, you’ll need to search on floors 1-39, as these are the only ones that have a chance of spawning the crystals. Once you find a Geode, pick it up and take it to the blacksmith to be broken down. There is a 1/16 chance that your Geode will contain an Earth Crystal.

If you don’t feel like hunting down Geodes in the mine, there are a few other ways that players can get Earth Crystals, but the chances are much slimmer. There is a 10% chance that you will get a crystal when you kill Duggies in the Mines on floors 1-29. Further, using the panning tool also has a 4.9% chance to drop Stardew Valley Earth Crystals as rewards. The final way you can obtain crystals is from Haunted Skulls, Fishing, and Wilderness Golems, all of which have low drop rates.

Now that you know how to obtain Earth Crystals, let us now go over what they can be used for. To start, these crystals are key in purchasing the Earth Obelisk in the Wizzard’s Tower. As far as crafting goes, they are also required to make a Mayonnaise Machine. Furthermore, certain quests will require Earth Crystals as well, like Fish Pond quest and various Help Wanted Board quests.

If you have an excess of Stardew Valley Earth Crystal, you can all gift them to any of the citizens of Pelican Island, specifically Linus and Pierre. You can also hold on to them to complete the Geologist’s Bundle in the Boiler Room.

Now that you know both what they are used for and how to farm them, you should now have no problem obtaining Stardew Valley Earth Crystals. Before you go, be sure to check out some of our other guides for the popular farming simulator, which you can find listed below.

Good luck and happy hunting!