How to fix Pokemon Go Facebook error

A disappointing in-game error message has begun to vex Pokemon Go players. Those with accounts linked via Facebook have been met with an error preventing them from getting into the game. If you’re experiencing the Pokemon Go Facebook error, then we’ve got some bad news for you: Fixing this problem isn’t going to be simple.

Pokemon Go Facebook error | Is there a fix?

Pokemon Go Facebook

The Pokemon Go Facebook error seems to be caused by outages currently plaguing Facebook. This happens when the site itself goes down, often affecting its subsidiaries like Instagram and WhatsApp. Sadly, this also impacts Pokemon Go accounts linked to Facebook.

As such, it’s hard to resolve the problem — at least, not until Facebook services are back up and running. Those with accounts linked via Google and Niantic are still able to log in, so it’s clearly an issue with Facebook’s servers. Since there’s been no details from Facebook on when normal service will resume, it’s impossible to predict when you’ll be able to play again.

Interestingly, Pokemon Go developer Niantic hasn’t yet spoken out on the Facebook error. It’s a surprise, since logging in via Facebook is a popular way to register for the game, as you don’t need a separate email and password. However, Facebook is very much aware of the issues plaguing its services. Based on past experiences, you can expect a quick fix within a day.

Nonetheless, it’s bad news for Pokemon Go players eager to play right now. Many are now unable to use the game, and there’s really no workaround. The worst part is that you can’t even login through a different method once your account is set up. Ultimately, Pokemon Go players who signed up through Facebook will have to sit and wait this one out. We can only hope that the team at Facebook will fix the problem soon.