How to Get CoD: Warzone on PC

Call of Duty seems to be the one series that won’t give up. Moving from story-based FPS titles to the multiplayer phenomenon, the series’ next stop is none other than the battle royale genre. Call of Duty: Warzone is out now on all major platforms, and while it’s as simple as downloading it on the Xbox or PlayStation Store. But how do you get CoD: Warzone on PC?

How to Get Warzone on PC

How to Get Warzone on PC

Installing Warzone on PC is different than the previous call of duty titles. Since Modern Warfare 2019, the Call of Duty series moved from Steam to If you haven’t already, this means you’re going to have to install another game launcher on your computer. If is already installed on your PC, that’s where you need to go to install Warzone.

New players, don’t worry: the process is simple. First, head to and click on the download button at the top of the screen. You’ll download the installer for Once the installer is done downloading, launch the installer and follow the directions. The program should set up a file path for and add a shortcut to your desktop.

Once the install is complete, launch the application. You’ll be greeted with your games tab. However, you likely don’t have anything installed yet. For that, you’ll need to click on the shop tab. If you scroll down on the shop tab, you’ll find a list of games to download. There should be a Warzone logo within the list of games. If not, you can search for it. Click the Warzone logo, and will allow you to install the game.

Keep in mind that the game’s size is going to be your biggest hurdle. At the time of writing, the Warzone installation takes up 182 gigabytes. You’re going to want to ensure that you have enough space prior to installation.