How to Get Pets in Grounded

With the new Grounded Shroom and Doom update, many players are interested in how to get pets. This is a new feature that has been added to the title and is possibly just one of the many things the developers will be adding to Grounded in the future. The game has been slowly but surely evolving and becoming more fleshed out, especially when you consider what has been added to the test server’s recent updates. So, if you want a pet of your own, just keep reading our guide to find out how!

Grounded | How to Get Pets

Grounded How To Get Pets

To get a pet in Grounded, you must tame them and deposit the pets into a pet house. Currently, there are only two kinds of animals that can be a pet: Weevils and Aphids. Decide which you want, then gather their favorite snacks, build them a pet house, and get ready to tame some bugs.

If you defeat the Broodmother, you might get a mutation that makes spiderlings come to your aid. However, they do not really count as pets in Grounded.

Weevils and Aphids, on the other hand, can become your pets. Before hunting for one, remember to make a pet house and have it ready. The tame a pet, you must feed it a slurry, which requires the Grinder to be made. Slurries can be made out of mushrooms or plant fiber. By feeding a bug enough times with the correct snack, they will become tamable. That is when the game allows you to turn the little creatures into your friends. When that part is done, you are able to deposit the bug into the pet house that you previously built.

As you can see, there really is no secret when it comes to how to get pets in Grounded. For more help surviving the backyard, be sure to check out some of our other guides: