How to Easily Kill a Shark in Stranded Deep

As you venture out into the ocean of Stranded Deep, it’s inevitable that you’re going to come across some sharks. These are some of the deadliest and most dangerous creatures in the game. However, while dangerous, they also reap some quality rewards for those that are brave enough to go shark hunting. Here’s how to kill a shark in Stranded Deep.

How to Kill a Shark in Stranded Deep
Shark Attack in Stranded Deep

How to Kill a Shark

The best way to easily kill a shark in Stranded Deep is with a Refined Spear. However, if you don’t have the necessary materials, you can also go shark hunting with a Crude Spear. 

With a weapon in hand, you’ll also want to bring a few items that will allow you to heal, like bandages and splints for broken bones

If you want to hunt one of the more dangerous sharks, like a Tiger Shark, then you’ll also need to build a raft so you can sail out to shark hunt.

Here are all the items you’ll need to hunt and kill a shark, along with the materials needed to make it:

Item:Materials Needed:
Refined Spearx1 Leather
x1 Stone Tool
x1 Crude Spear
Crude Spearx1 Stick
Bandagex1 Cloth
x1 Lashing
Splintx2 Stick
x2 Lashing
Wood Rat Basex14 Wood Sticks
x1 Lashing

Once you kill a  shark, you’re free to either skin them for resourceful purposes or collect them as a trophy back at camp.

How Many Different Types of Sharks Are There?

There are currently seven different types of sharks in Stranded Deep that can be killed, each with different levels of aggression and health.

Below is a list of all of the different varieties of sharks that can be found in the game, their aggression level, location, the number of hits it takes to kill them, and the resources they drop.

While each type is a little bit different, all sharks can be hunted in the same manner.

Shark Type:Aggression Level:Location:Number of Hits to Kill:Resources Dropped:
Grey Nurse SharkPassive (Console)Shallow WatersNACannot be killed
MarlinPassiveOpen Sea~6 Hits4x Large Meat
Backtip Reef SharkPassive (PC) and Aggressive (Console)Shallow Waters~6 HitsPC – Can’t be killed
Console – 3x Large Meat and 3x Rawhide
Hammerhead SharkAggressiveShallow Waters and Open Sea~6 Hits3x Large Meat and 3x Rawhide
Goblin SharkAggressiveOpen Sea~6 Hits3x Large Meat and 3x Rawhide
Whale SharkPassiveOpen Sea~10 Hits3x Large Meat and 3x Rawhide
Tiger SharkAggressiveShallow Waters~10 Hits3x Large Meat and 3x Rawhide
Great White SharkAggressiveOpen Sea~18 Hits4x Large Meat and 4x Rawhide

The number of hits you need to kill a shark in Stranded Deep will depend on the type of shark you’re fighting.

Expert Tip: Take into consideration that The Meg will require more hits to kill since it’s one of the three main bosses in the game.

For example, if you’re trying to kill a Tiger Shark, it will take around 10 hits. When you’re fighting a more dangerous shark, such as a Great White, you may require closer to 17 hits. On the other hand, if you’re fighting a more passive shark, like the Blacktip Reef Shark, you may only need around 7 hits.

Initially, the easiest shark to hunt early in the game is going to be Marlin or Blacktip Reef Shark.

Each shark you fight will have different qualities and offer different resources. For example, a Tiger Shark offers three large meat and three rawhides, while a Great White can be skinned for four large meat and four rawhides. 

Typically, as a general rule of thumb, the higher the danger level of the shark, the better reward you’ll get for killing it.

How to Hunt a Shark

When you’re trying to hunt a shark, you’ll want to stand on top of something, like a raft or solid land with rocks. Once you’ve tracked one, you’ll want to spear down at it as the creature circles beneath you. 

The attacks should be more controlled as the fight progresses.

Shark Fighting Tips

Stranded Deep Killing A Shark
Hunting a Shark

Sharks are one of the many enemies in Stranded Deep and fighting them is one of the more difficult parts of the game. However, once you get the hang of it, it won’t be too difficult to kill a shark. Below are some tips to get you started.

Sneak Up On It

Sharks typically won’t attack you unless you provoke them first, so you may be able to land a shot or two if you catch them off-guard. 

Use a Raft and Land

Use both a raft and nearby land if you’re trying to get rid of a shark. This way, if your raft gets flipped by a shark, you can get to land and continue the fight instead of being stuck floating in the sea.

In the event that you fall off your raft with no land nearby, it is crucial to get back on as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you’ll likely die.

Don’t Chase the Shark

As you start to fight the shark, avoid chasing it around. Instead, pick a spot close to the water and stay still.

This will draw the shark towards you and as it gets closer you can spear it before it does damage to you.

Make Sure You’re Landing Hits

Some players have stated that they have hit the shark more than ten times and it hasn’t died. If that’s the case, then you’re likely missing your target or fighting two different sharks. 

However, in rare cases, players have experienced a glitch that causes the shark not to die. If you’re confident that you’re landing hits, then your best bet is going to be to abandon the fight as you won’t win due to a potential glitch.

Happy hunting!


Should You Spear a Shark?

If you are ready to go shark hunting, then spearing it is one of the best ways to kill it. However, if you are not prepared for a fight, you should just leave the shark alone or it might fight back.

How Can You Avoid a Shark Attack?

While sharks will be present in the game, players can craft Shark Repellents to shoo the creatures away. Shark Repellent can be made with 1x Coconut Flask, 1x Antidote, and 1x Lion Fish.

How Many Speargun Arrows Does It Take to Kill a Shark

On average, it will take about 10 speargun arrows to kill a shark.

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