How to Move Chests in Stardew Valley

How to move chests in Stardew Valley

Chests, chests, chests. They are the cornerstone of Stardew Valley. You’ll need them to store all of your hundreds of items of different varieties. You’ll need them to remember who loves what through color organization. They are critical for gameplay, so knowing how to organize them will be critical. However, the chests can be a bit picky about moving. If you want to organize them effectively, you’re gonna have to learn the tools of the trade. Or maybe the locks on the box? Let’s just learn how to move chests in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley | How to Move Chests

Stardew Valley - How to move chests

If you want to move a chest in Stardew Valley, you’ll need to take everything out of it first. That will allow you to break the chest with any tool and pick it up to be moved wherever. If you need to travel a short distance, just spam it with your empty hand. This will cause the chest to shift one square in a direction of your choice, allowing you to slowly move it into a slightly better position.

Unfortunately, if a chest is full, you won’t be able to pick it up. This is a protection, to make sure you don’t accidentally break it when you didn’t mean to. You’ll have to gather the inventory of that chest beforehand if you plan on moving across the country.

Thankfully, if you need to just scooch it along, you do have an option. By smacking it with an empty inventory slot, it’ll move a small amount; one “tile.” This means, if you just need it to move to the side, or need to swap the places of two chests, you can just smack it around. Sadly, you can’t drag it or anything with this method; you can only push it straight away from yourself. Usually, it’s better to just pick up the chest’s inventory, just to make things a touch quicker.

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