How to Refill Watering Can in Stardew Valley

Farming is essential in Stardew Valley, there’s no doubt about that. You basically look after your grandfather’s land and have to start making a living for yourself. And when it comes to farming crops and goods, you’ll need to have some water on you. With your trustworthy watering can, you can get the job done with ease. But how do you refill the watering can after it runs dry? As with many serene moments in the Valley, this process is simple.

Stardew Valley | How to Refill Watering Can

Stardew Valley - How to Refill Watering Can

To refill your watering can, head to the nearest body of water. Then, with your can equipped, interact with the water. It should only take a few seconds to fill your can back up with water.  This can be performed at any body of water, so it helps to go to the closest one to you if you’re in the middle of work.

The watering can is one of your starting tools to utilize when you begin your adventure in the Valley. It may seem basic at first, but you can actually upgrade it to stretch out its limits. Make a visit to Clint the Blacksmith in Pelican Town. He’ll be able to talk with you about your tools, but you can focus on the watering can if that’s your priority here.

Your beginning watering can is capable of holding 40 units of water. If you upgrade to a copper one, you’ll be able to carry 50 units of water while also watering three farm tiles in a row. A steel can will hold 120 units and water five tiles in a row. The gold upgrade will carry 198 units, and is powerful enough to water 3×3 tiles that are in front of you. Lastly, the iridium one strangely holds an unknown number of units while watering 6×3 tiles.

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