Insurgency: Sandstorm Offline | Can You Play Solo?

The recent console release for Insurgency: Sandstorm has led the game to big recent attention from eager players. It’s been out for a while on PC, but PlayStation and Xbox are now able to jump in on the action as well. But before they dive in, there is an option to practice your tactical expertise before queuing onto the online servers. With that in mind, here’s how you can play Insurgency: Sandstorm offline.

Can You Play Insurgency: Sandstorm Offline?

Can You Play Insurgency: Sandstorm Offline?

You can play Insurgency: Sandstorm offline with AI bots through the game’s main menu. To try it out, simply select the Local Play option to initiate an offline session for yourself. You can pick any map and Checkpoint match type, where you’ll eventually be dropped into a game with AI. You’ll naturally have three AI bots on your side with the opposing team have four on their own.

Checkpoint essentially boils down to capturing and defending points. This is mainly to practice or familiarize oneself with new commands and keys that they might modify. The game works on tactical synergy, so playing offline might be excellent practice if you’re reaching to be the best soldier on the field.

Unfortunately, there is no campaign for solo players to indulge with. It was originally planned during development but was canceled due to the sensitive nature of the game being set in the Middle East. The premise of the game is based around a conflict of Security forces against Insurgents; to a closer eye, it somewhat depicts realistic conflicts that are currently ongoing. To be on the safe side, the developers dropped any narrative plans and instead focused on the multiplayer portion.

With the recent additions of the game’s presence on consoles, becoming accustomed to the grounded mechanics will be different. It’s strange that more solo options aren’t available, but the offline Checkpoint matches work well for a tactical game. While the AI in the game isn’t necessarily the best, playing offline can be a great way to get used to all of the different functions. Solo practice is also a great way to freshen up on basics or take a break away from hardcore online players.