Is Amazon’s New World Coming to Luna?

The highly anticipated fantasy RPG New World is now finally out! Well, the closed beta is out. If you’ve signed up for the fantasy experience and got in, you can play it right now through August 2. You can also preorder it on Steam, if you’re confident in the great experience that New World will provide. However, it seems weird that this MMORPG won’t be available on Amazon’s own service. Will New World be available on Amazon Luna? Or will players have to play it solely on PC?

Will New World Release on Amazon Luna?

New World Luna

As of the writing of this article, there is no definite information about New World coming to Amazon Luna. We know for certain that the first Beta of New World will not be on Amazon Luna nor any console at all; it will remain on PC for the duration of the closed beta release. Afterwards, it could possibly to come to the Luna, but there is no official news from recent sources about the release of New World.

New World is probably not coming to console, even consoles like the Xbox which supports easy crossplay with the PC. While PS5 and Xbox Series X owners might not be able to experience the MMO, it’s rare that MMOs come to consoles in the first place.

Luna should be a different story. Since it is a streaming service, rather than a console, it might be a good idea to allow players to enjoy New World on Luna servers. It is likely that the developers of New World are waiting for the game to become more stable before announcing New World for the Luna by any official capacity.

This is one release that you should be cautiously optimistic about. As the MMO improves in quality and stability, it will be more likely to come out on Amazon’s streaming service.

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