Is Dark Souls 3 Cross-Platform?

Dark Souls 3 is currently the most recent game in the Dark Souls franchise… Though, that may soon be usurped by Elden Ring! For players who are looking to scratch their Soulsborne itch before the new game comes out, Dark Souls 3 might be the most polished game in the franchise. You could certainly do worse when it comes to action RPGs! That being said, there is a question when it comes to this game. Does Dark Souls 3 have any sort of cross-platform play? Or are you stuck with whoever has purchased it on your same console?

Does Dark Souls 3 Have Cross-Platform Play?

Does Dark Souls 3 Have Cross-Platform Play?

No, Dark Souls 3 has no cross-platform play between the consoles that it was released on. You cannot even use it to for crossplay between closely related consoles like the PC and Xbox. You’ll have to make sure you and your friends are playing on the same platform. And sadly, it is very unlikely that Dark Souls 3 will get cross-platform play before or even after Elden Ring is released.

This isn’t unexpected. Dark Souls 3 has somewhat limited multiplayer. With only the ability to summon, get invaded, or leave cryptic and short messages, Dark Souls 3 is not exactly all about the online experience. So, Fromsoft likely decided that cross-play was just not that necessary. Fingers crossed that that will not be the case for Elden Ring post-launch, and all consoles it comes out on can be played with!

If you are not getting connected to your friend on the same platform, you might be able to fix it by heading into your options. You can set a password to ensure only your buddy will be able to see you. You have to match passwords to the host before you can play together, or summon each other for player vs player. This will not stop random invasions.

How unfortunate! Dark Souls 3 is so much fun with a friend. However, with a new game coming soon, we can only hope for the best! Check out some of our takes and opinions on Fromsoft’s franchise!