Is E3 2022 Canceled or Online Only?

There’s concern surrounding this year’s E3 gaming expo, as yesterday the organizers announced that all in-person events have been canceled. This news comes due to the ongoing surge of Omicron COVID-19 cases, leaving E3 with no other choice. However, the news has nervous fans wondering if E3 2022 as a whole may be canceled. If not, is there still time to pivot to an online-only demonstration?

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Is E3 2022 canceled?

At the moment, there’s no word on whether or not E3 2022 is totally canceled. We know for certain that there won’t be an in-person event, as was confirmed yesterday. However, organizers and presenters have yet to speak out on whether online or digital conferences will replace them.

If we had to guess, we’d say that E3 2022 is not canceled, and instead will go forward this year as digital only. Considering it’s arguably the largest date on the gaming calendar, it’s highly unlikely that they’d scrap the whole event. However, the lack of clarification is understandably a cause for concern. Plus, if this news took presenters by surprise, they may not have enough time to create a digital showcase.

For now, the only official line from E3 so far is that there won’t be any in-person events. That caused some to worry that the entire show may not go ahead, as usually it all takes place in Los Angeles. However, last year’s E3 was a digital-only event, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Despite the lack of in-person events, it was a hit, so it wouldn’t make sense for them to ignore the possibility in 2022.

Of course, it’s still worth waiting to see what E3 organizers officially say. Considering the confusion currently circulation, they will likely clear up the situation very shortly. However, the good track record shown by E3 2021, and the Summer Games Fest, means E3 2022 will likely still be digital. With luck, that means you’ll be able to watch all the big live streams as they happen!