Is Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Coming To Switch?

Are you ready for the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster? We hope so! For new and old players alike, this’ll be a great way to re-experience the original games. And they will all be with improved UI and animations! That’s quite an incentive, as long as you’re not addicted to the old style. However, there is a question hanging in the air. Will the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster be coming to the Nintendo Switch? That’s the company that hosted so many of these games, and it isn’t going to be the one holding them on release? Let’s see if that’s the case!

Will Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Release on Switch?

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Switch

At the moment, no, Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster games are not going to make their way onto the Nintendo Switch. In fact, the developers have been quite specific about not bringing the games to any consoles in the near future. They will only consider it if there’s enough consumer feedback and popularity for the games. So, if you want to see the Remaster come on consoles, make sure that Square Enix knows about how much you want to play it on your preferred console!

This is a bit of a shame. Many players sat down with the SNES in order to play these games. Even more sat with their GBA! However, for right now, they’re gonna be only available on PC and mobile.

This seems to be normal for remakes. Square Enix seems hesitant to bring their projects to any consoles without some pretty strong consumer demand. At the moment, the Final Fantasy VII Remaster has made it to consoles. Though the game has a larger budget, that does mean that these games have a small chance to make it over.

Until there is an official way to provide consumer feedback, it is unlikely that the remasters will come even close to consoles for right now. Keep your eyes out and make sure Square knows that you love the games, should you want it brought to the switch!

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