Is GTA 5 Expanded and Enhanced Coming to PC?

With the fantastic PlayStation 5 showcase complete, one of the newest advancements in Grand Theft Auto is GTA 5: Expanded and Enchanced. This promises to bring a much, much better version of GTA5 to the PS5, which is a great reason to pick one up! However, for the fans that would prefer to keep their GTA experience to the PC marketplace, this is scary news. Will GTA5: Expanded and Enhanced release on the PC? Or will we always need to wish for what could have been?

Is GTA 5: Expanded and Enhanced Coming to PC?

GTA 5 Expanded and Enhanced

Currently, there is very little news on whether or not GTA 5: Expanded and Enhanced will come to PC. However, this might be because there aren’t many reasons to bring the upgraded version to the computer. The big things that the new repolish focuses on – such as better resolutions or faster loading time – have been available for PC players for years now. There’s a chance that the PC base will get new updates, but a full, new re-release is most likely not coming.

GTA 5: Expanded and Enhanced is a PS5 and Xbox Series X|S exclusive, at least for now. All of the current videos showcase the game on the PS5, and there are no signs that it will be shifted to other console realms.

Does that mean the PC isn’t going to get any upgrades? That’s not necessarily true. If Rockstar adds new features, those will almost certainly land on computers. But the general graphical updates will probably not come over because they’re already here! Though the better loading times for less optimized machines might be appreciated.

Grand Theft Auto 5: Expanded and Enhanced promises to be one of the biggest new steps in the sandbox genre. Not only are we getting better graphics and loading time, but we’re getting online in-game! That promises to be very impressive! Learn more about new games for 2021 and onwards!