Is Halo Infinite Campaign Free On Game Pass?

We’ve had access to the free beta of Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer mode for a while. It’s been a good return-to-form for the series, even with a few hiccups in the mechanics and design of the game modes. It’s safe to say that Infinite might be great, and the campaign will be a sure sign of things to come. If the Halo Infinite campaign is free on Game Pass, then that’ll be a great way to see if Infinite will stand the test of time. So, is it?

Halo Infinite | Is Campaign Free On Game Pass?

Halo Infinite Campaign Game Pass

Yes, you can play the Halo Infinite campaign for free on the Xbox Game Pass. If you have access to the Game Pass on PC or on your Xbox console, then you can play the single-player mode of Halo Infinite for free. You’ll still need room to download the files, but you’ll otherwise be able to play for as long as your subscription lasts.

The focus of the Halo series may be in their multiplayer content, but the campaign mode is always a bright spot of the game. The campaign is also available separate from the multiplayer this time around, making it possible to play one but not the other. That’s good, because without the Game Pass, the campaign can be a pretty penny.

If you have the game pass, then you’ll still need to navigate to the campaign page on the Xbox store. This feature is a separate one from the multiplayer mode of Halo Infinite, and will be downloaded separately.

Unfortunately, unlike some of the earlier games in the series, the campaign isn’t quite done yet. We’re still waiting on the co-op features and the bug-scrubbing processes to complete. That may take a few updates to complete! Thankfully, as long as you have the game pass, you can always download the game again.

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