Is Harvestella Coming to PlayStation or Xbox?

Harvestella is a fresh take on the action/adventure life sim game developed by Square Enix. The title has been turning many people’s heads due to the fact that it combines the aspects of a life sim, such as nourishing and prospering your farm, with high-action gameplay similar to the Final Fantasy series. It’s a novel concept that combines the best of both worlds. That’s why many players are eager to know if Harvestella is coming to PlayStation or Xbox. We have the unfortunate answer to that question below, so read on to find out.

Is Harvestella Coming to PlayStation or Xbox?

Harvestella PlayStation or Xbox versions

Harvestella is currently only available on PC and Nintendo Switch. Developer Square Enix has yet to confirm or deny whether the game will get a PlayStation or Xbox release. Unfortunately, that means Harvestella is unavailable on other platforms for the time being. However, that’s not to say the AAA titles won’t ever make its way to PlayStation or Xbox.

Square Enix is well-known for many other titles such as the Final Fantasy series, the Life is Strange series, and NieR: Automata. We only highlight these games as they could be evidence that Harvestella might arrive on PlayStation or Xbox sometime in the future. Take, NieR: Automata, for example. It didn’t release on Xbox until a year after its PC and PlayStation release. This is because they had to rework the game so that it can be ported and played on another console.

Re-working a title for console isn’t always the easiest thing for a developer to do. A lot of variables come into play, and essentially it just requires more time before the game is ready. The good news is that Harvestella is a single-player game, which gives the developers one less variable of making the game cross-compatible between systems. This is purely speculation, but with that in mind, it could be the case that Square Enix just needs more time to make Harvestella compatible with PlayStation or Xbox. So, although Harvestella isn’t on PlayStation or Xbox, don’t let your hopes down as there’s still a chance it could eventually make it’s way to either system.