Is Hello Neighbor 2 Multiplayer?

Although multiplayer was not included in the original Hello Neighbor, it was eventually added separately with the Secret Neighbor spin-off. This allows you to work with friends to solve the mystery together. Evidently, it’s more fun sneaking into our neighbors’ houses with friends than it was alone. Not to mention it’s less stressful on our nerves. As a result, many players are curious about whether Hello Neighbors 2 has multiplayer. We have the answer to that question right below.

Does Hello Neighbor 2 Have Multiplayer?

Does Hello Neighbor 2 Have Multiplayer?

Unfortunately, Hello Neighbor 2 is single-player only. The game currently does not feature multiplayer of any kind, whether local split-screen co-op or online. Of course, this is disappointing because Secret Neighbor, the original multiplayer spin-off to Hello Neighbor, was such a success. Given its popularity, most of us expected it to be automatically included in the sequel. Sadly, this is not the case.

To make matters worse, Hello Neighbor 2 developers Eerie Guest and tinyBuild have yet to comment on whether they intend to add multiplayer to the game at a later date. If a feature is planned, the developers are usually quick to mention it. But again, that is not the case this time. Since it’s not guaranteed, if you’re hoping to play Hello Neighbor 2 with your friends, it’s best to wait before purchasing the game. At best, we suspect the developers will add the feature to the sequel or release a multiplayer spin-off for it at a later date, though this is purely speculative.

With high hopes that this is the case, it’s difficult to predict when a Hello Neighbor 2 multiplayer will be released or added to the game. It took about two years for the original game to get a multiplayer spin-off. Even in the worst-case scenario, we don’t think it will take this long. But, realistically, we don’t know if Hello Neighbor 2 will get the feature, and if so, when we can expect it to arrive.