Is Rainbow Six Extraction a PvP Game?

Tons of aliens, three advanced fighters, one new game: Rainbow Six Extraction is here to challenge us to the edge. In the latest installment in Ubisoft’s famous military franchise, we see our multinational counter-terrorism heroes go up against humanity’s worst threat: aliens. The name of the game now is absolute teamwork, for these foes are vicious fiends hungry for your blood. But are players allowed to square up with one another? Will we see PvP modes in this title? Find out now by reading ahead.

Is Rainbow Six Extraction PvP?

Is Rainbow Six Extraction PvP?

Since Rainbow Six Extraction focuses on complete teamwork against an otherworldly race, there is no PvP action. Three players will go up against the Archaeans in notorious Siege action. Many of Siege‘s operators will return to fight the good fight because this might be the only fight left on Earth. Therefore, to abide by the lore of the game, the Rainbow Six team must stick together to battle AI opponents.

If you’re interested in blasting each other away near objectives, there’s still Rainbow Six: Siege, where much of the gameplay from this title is carried out from. It allows you to utilize familiar gadgets and weaponry from the Siege installment, but tactical efficiency is based more on survival than battlefield efficiency. All of the tools at your disposal are what you will need to succeed. But keep in mind, any player on the server can turn out to be a moronic renegade who will kill team players all in the name of being a nuisance who has no love. Expect these players to pop up occasionally, as you would expect them from Siege.

If you’re freshly going into Rainbow Six Extraction, try to keep Left 4 Dead and Payday 2 in mind. These games focus incredibly on teamwork and execution where your lives depend on each other. In order to achieve the mission, you have to cooperate, and that’s probably the biggest challenge of Rainbow Six Extraction. Are you ready to trust your fellow man? Or will you go in blind and dumb into alien combat on your own?

Assemble your crew. The trouble awaits outside the walls.