Is Stardew Valley Cross-Platform Between Console and PC?

Picking up Stardew Valley is a guaranteed good time. However, when you pick up any game for its multiplayer, not getting the right version can lead to frustration. Many games have trouble supporting themselves as cross-platform titles. So, does Stardew Valley include cross-platform support?

Is Stardew Valley Cross-Platform?

Is Stardew Valley Cross-Platform?

Unfortunately, Stardew Valley is not a cross-platform game. You cannot play this farming game between consoles and PC, including Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox. The only way to play with your friends is if you both own the game on the same platform.

ConcernedApe, as an indie studio with ridiculously small numbers, hasn’t been able to bring cross-platform compatibility to Stardew Valley quite yet. Many huge companies have trouble bringing that functionality to their main titles; it’s time-consuming, resource intensive, and takes a lot of money. So, it’s likely that, while ConcernedApe is fantastic at making the game as modern as possible, we won’t see cross-platform functionality for a long time.

That being said, in a tweet, the developer has confirmed that they are interested in bringing that functionality to the game someday. Considering it’s already on four platforms (including PC), that may be even harder than expected.

Another problem is that the barriers between Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are still quite high. For there to be accessibility between competing companies, a game needs to be very lucky… And very lucrative! Stardew Valley might have that luck factor, but ConcernedApe seems more interested in content for the right-now. We can all keep our fingers crossed for more amazing stuff in the future, however. And cross-play might be there!

Stardew Valley keeps getting better and better! It wouldn’t surprise us if a content update came with cross-play. The last update was crazy, too! And we can catch you up on that.