How to Clean the Fish Tank in Jedi: Survivor

Exploring the galaxy, far, far away in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is a hard task. You will be sent to the most wild parts of the planet, to abandoned ruins, and everything in between on your quest to escape the Empire. But, that doesn’t mean that Cal can’t stop to help others in need every now and then… Like fish tank enthusiasts! And part of his quest will bring you to Pyloon’s Saloon. In this shady bar, you will find Jedi: Survivor’s prized aquarium, which is covered in algae. Is it possible to clean this fish tank? Or will it be doomed to its own age for the rest of eternity?

How to Clean the Fish Tank in Jedi: Survivor
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Yes, you can clean the fish tank in Jedi: Survivor, and cleaning it out is related to a collect-a-thon sidequest. You’ll want to meet up with Skoova Stev near a waterfall on Koboh. Talk to him about the fish tank and he’ll agree to fill it with fish once again. Once you have about six of the twelve fish, the aquarium will be completely cleaned of algae the next time that you load the zone.

Getting to Skoova Stev isn’t too difficult. Once you are able to access the aquarium in the upstairs area of Pyloon’s Saloon, walk outside and turn right. Head up that slope to access Foothill Falls in Prospector’s Folly. You should see a zipline, which you can take to land near a waterfall. Mr. Stev and his boat should be parked right next to the waterworks, ready to be talked to! Chat with him after your introduction and he’ll catch the first fish that you need.

If you cannot find Skoova Stev, that means you may have not advanced far enough into the story. You should start this quest after you return to Koboh to look for the Lucrehulk.

As long as you have access to the fish tank, Skoova will head back to the saloon and the sidequest can begin! The See Fish that he collects from this body of water is just the start of a full-on collectable quest. Thankfully, it doesn’t go across the galaxy.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Scoova Stev
This little captain will be crucial to your journey of making the aquarium great again!

All Fish Locations in Jedi: Survivor

Other than the introductory See Fish, you’ll have to scramble to catch 11 more fish across two planets in the universe. Thankfully, the lions share of fish lie in various water pools on Koboh. There are 10 total fish on Koboh and 2 on Jedah. This list will include the sub-area where you will find the body of water. Most of the time, it is fairly obvious, and Stev’s large ship will be there to help guide you.

From what we can tell, you will be able to meet up with Stev at any of the bodies of water at any time. So, if you want to wait to complete this quest until you’re done with collecting materials, you can! Stev will be there for you at any time.

Koboh Fish

  • Barbed Hookfish: Smuggler’s Tunnels
  • Big Mouth Faa: Rift Passage
  • Blinding Ray Fish: Devastated Settlement
  • Blue-Finned Crayfish: Bygone Settlement
  • Fingertip Garpon: Rambler’s Reach Outpost
  • Frilled Newt: Gorge Crash Site
  • Glottsamcrab: Viscid Bog
  • Mee Fish: Mountain Ascent
  • Viscid Lurker: Phon’Qi Caverns

Jedah Fish

  • Fantailed Laa: Crypt of Urhma
  • Snakefish: Arid Flats

As you collect the fish, the tank will become slightly clearer. Once you have a handful of the fish in Jedi: Survivor, you will have one perfectly clear aquarium to marvel!

If the glass refuses to clear, you may have to reload the area by fast traveling to a meditation point or traveling back and forth between planets.

Do You Have to Clean the Fish Tank in Jedi: Survivor?

No, cleaning the Fish Tank is a fully optional part of Jedi: Survivor. Just like obtaining the Edgehawk or Hunter Lightsaber components, you’ll only get cosmetic value out of completing this sidequest.

What Do You Get for Finding All Fish in Jedi: Survivor?

Unfortunately, finding all twelve fish will only get players an Achievement, Skoova Diving.

When Can You Access All Twelve Fish in Jedi: Survivor?

You will need to progress in the story to get all twelve fish. This includes the ability to mount, grapple, and air dash!

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